Private Event Class Offerings


Interested in a private Drunk Yoga® event? Great!

We’ve thrown everything from “Moms and Merlot” parties (with babysitters for the lil’ ones!) to Bro-Ga hang outs for guys. Below you’ll find descriptions of our events. Ready to book? Fab!

Our Experiences


Original Drunk Yoga® with Wine
Yoga for everyone - from total beginners to seasoned yogis!

Wine brings us together, yoga brings you to yourself.

A 15-minute happy hour will kick off your party. We’ll uncork the wine, play some music and mingle.

Your Drunk Yoga teacher will then bring everyone to their mats for a 45-minute beginner-friendly yoga class with wine in-hand. Class will be structured for optimal safety and fun. A 30-minute “wine-down” will conclude the event.


Coffee Yoga™
Can’t bear the thought of exercising without a little boost from your morning coffee? Us either! Join us to get the best of both!
Coffee brings us together, yoga brings you to yourself.

A 10-minute coffee break will kick off our practice. We’ll sip on some joe, play some music, and mingle.

Your Coffee Yoga™ teacher will then bring everyone to their mats for a 45-minute beginner-friendly yoga class with coffee in-hand. Class will be structured for optimal safety and fun. An optional 5-minute “coffee-cool-down” will conclude the event.

Come wake up, indulge in your morning stretch, and find community.

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Spirit(s) Yoga™
Our loyal Drunk Yoga® spirit-lifters LOVE our classes because they’re outrageously fun, interactive and “forget-what-you-were-ever-so-worried-about” stress-relieving. So, due to popular demand, we’ve created a BRAND NEW offering to our “menu of joy,” called Spirit(s) Yoga™ by Drunk Yoga®: everything you love about our original wine + yoga classes…sans beverage!

This class is 60-minutes in length, and open to all levels. Music you can’t NOT dance and sing along to (think Beyonce meets every 90’s hit you ever lip-synced to in the mirror with a hairbrush in-hand as a teen) plus your favorite yoga poses integrated with thoughtful partner games and rules (…lose your balance? Fist-bump your neighbor and repeat after me: “Psh. I’m awesome.”)—curated to foster care-free fun while making new friends…and sculpting a pretty killer yoga-bod.

This class is offered by request for private events, as well as for public classes with studio partnerships.


Shake Your “Ass-ana”
This is our special take on “cardio dance.” Much like Original Drunk Yoga®, this class starts with a happy hour (your choice of wine or non-alcoholic beverage!), and is followed by a 45-minute yoga-meets-dance class led by one of our professionally trained yoga and dance instructors. It’s the perfect amount of mindful stretching, sipping, and cheers-ing, mixed with fun choreographed dance moves to your favorite tunes, designed to optimize laughter, fun, and shaking of your ass-ana!


Want our same great signature wine + yoga experience but without the name “Drunk Yoga”? No sweat! We get it. We’re a little…progressive. We’ve got you covered with “Vinoyasa” for the same great experience but for corporate settings!


“Sober” Yoga Class
Sometimes, you just want a conventional private yoga class…sans beverage in-hand. No sweat! We get it. That’s why we’ve created a unique and beginner-friendly 60-minute yoga “flow” class that has all the great Original Drunk Yoga® vibes…(think “high-five” your neighbor and give them a compliment as you dive into downward dog)…but without the added drink. This class is designed to more fitness-centric, while still true to our mission: to lift your spirit(s) so you can feel empowered to uplift others!


Birthday Party at the Office?
What could be better than a lil’ yoga and wine or coffee to celebrate your trip around the sun? Start your next year of livin’ off with fun, positivity and friends. We customize your playlist and games for the special birthday guy or gal to make it the best [yoga] party you’ve ever had!


Bro-ga Drunk Yoga®
…Is exactly what it sounds like. Grab your best bros and your favorite beer and experience the most un-inhibited fun you’ll have in a yoga class. No judgment, no weird yoga pose names. Just you and your friends having ridiculous laughs while a super-cool (yet compassionate) certified Drunk Yoga® instructor teaches you a thing or two about touching your toes…but hey…no pressure!


Wellness Talks
We can also offer fun, accessible wellness talks on a variety of topics to inspire passion for health, community, and self-care for your team. Inquire for more details.

Want an experience that’s not listed? We love to customize experiences for our partners! Let us know more about your wellness and community-building goals, and we’ll create an offering just for you! Contact us to get started.