Spirit(s) Yoga™


Our loyal Drunk Yoga® spirit-lifters LOVE our classes because they’re outrageously fun, interactive and “forget-what-you-were-ever-so-worried-about” stress-relieving. So, due to popular demand, we’ve created a BRAND NEW offering to our “menu of joy,” called Spirit(s) Yoga™ by Drunk Yoga®: everything you love about our original wine + yoga classes…sans beverage!

This class is 60-minutes in length, and open to all levels. Music you can’t NOT dance and sing along to (think Beyonce meets every 90’s hit you ever lip-synced to in the mirror with a hairbrush in-hand as a teen) plus your favorite yoga poses integrated with thoughtful partner games and rules (…lose your balance? Fist-bump your neighbor and repeat after me: “Psh. I’m awesome.”)—curated to foster care-free fun while making new friends…and sculpting a pretty killer yoga-bod.

This class is offered by request for private events, as well as for public classes with studio partnerships. Fall schedule coming soon!