At Drunk yoga…

We don’t want you to get drunk on wine. Truly. We want you to get drunk on the feeling that comes with experiencing joy and self empowerment! That’s exactly why our classes are set up the way they are. As a beginner (or even an old pro!) it can be intimidating to walk into a studio knowing no one. Often, it makes people feel self-conscious, and in turn, prevents them from experiencing the full benefit of yoga. That’s why we turn yoga into a party and create unity through community in every single class we teach. Lose your balance? Instead of feeling awkward, you’re surrounded by a new group of friends to cheer you on and high five you when you find it again.

Spreading Joy & Building community

We keep this focus on joy and self empowerment going outside of the “classroom” (be that a bar floor, rooftop or cafe), too. We have an online community where others uplift each other and support each other on their quests for joy.

We also realize that our community is extremely fortunate to have access to yoga. That’s why for every class you take with us, we make a donation. We not only provide yoga to populations that wouldn’t otherwise get access to it, but we also donate to organizations that already foster joy through self-empowerment. By finding your joy with us, you are directly helping someone else find theirs, too.

Organizations we support

Empowering children

Empowering survivors of sexual violence

Empowering cancer patients, veterans, the incarcerated and those in 12-step programs

Empowering refugees and asylum seekers

Empowering the incarcerated

Empowering survivors of domestic violence

Empowering child brides

Empowering youth