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Drunk Yoga is on the rise, and we're hiring teachers in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, New jersey and san francisco!

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*Must already be 200-hr. RYT certified in order to be considered.


The Training

Ready to ‘spice up’ your yoga teaching skills and take them to the next level? Tired of the traditional class sequences and “rules?” Sick of just going through the motions? (...Literally!)

Challenge yogic convention and grow your experience as a teacher and practitioner with Drunk Yoga® Teacher Training.

This one-of-a-kind training program created by founder Eli Walker will help you gain confidence to command a yoga class using powerful performance techniques as you inspire your students to lift their spirits so they may uplift others. Discover how to make yoga more interactive; a party where everyone is welcome.

Drunk Yoga was created to help beginners experience yoga without fear, and to allow seasoned yogis to reconnect with yoga, sans pressure to be perfect. Our mission is to inspire joy, cultivate community, and bring you back to yourself. If you’re passionate about making yoga accessible to all, about disproving misconceptions, and of course about sharing smiles, this is the training for you.

After a comprehensive and communal 8-hour training you will walk away with:

  • Drunk Yoga® certification + Coffee Yoga™ certification

  • A complete background of Drunk Yoga® history:  how our company began, evolved, and why our renowned mission is so remarkable

  • All of our Drunk Yoga® teacher essentials (Signature teacher manual, tote bag, wine glass, founder Eli Walker’s original Drunk Yoga book, and an infinite amount of smiles/laughs sprinkled with increased self-awareness and confidence.)

Once your training is complete, you’ll also be invited to join our strong community of Drunk Yoga® teachers and ambassadors who proudly support each other with sequencing ideas, questions and concerns about teaching all things yoga, playlist suggestions, and inspiration to help your entrepreneur #hustle--all through our private Facebook community group.

Come laugh, be yourself, and join the movement.

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