Drunk Yoga FAQ

Q: what exactly is Drunk yogA?

A: Drunk Yoga is a social, interactive yoga experience hosted in bars, cafes, office spaces, and other unconventional settings. We help newbies experience yoga without fear, and seasoned yogis reconnect with yoga sans pressure to be perfect. Our mission is to inspire joy, cultivate community, and bring you back to yourself. We invite you to let your hair down, have some fun and enjoy this potent union of yoga and social ritual.

Q: What can i expect at a Drunk Yoga class? 

A: A Drunk Yoga class consists of a brief happy hour, sometimes with wine, sometimes with coffee, (but always with fun!) followed by a fun and beginner-friendly 45-minute vinyasa sequence with beverage in-hand. We add something familiar (the ritual of socializing with a beverage) to the unfamiliar (yoga) to help remove the “fear factor” when trying something new, and create a connection between all the members of the class. The aim is for everyone to find community and leave happier than they entered!

Q: Where does Drunk Yoga happen? 

A: Right now, DY Classes are held regularly at Grey Lady NYCDrexler’s, and Solfire. You will also find special events on our classes webpage, so keep checking back for something near you.

Q: Can I do Drunk Yoga if I’m not a yogi? 

A: YES! Drunk Yoga is for yogis and non-yogis alike. The only thing you need for Drunk Yoga is an attitude of gratitude and an appreciation that happiness is health. 

Q: How many drinks do I get during Drunk Yoga? Do I get “drunk”? 

A: Guests drink approximately two glasses of wine throughout an Original Drunk Yoga (yoga with wine) class. Enough to feel happy-tipsy at the end. We do not let you have enough to get drunk; excessive drinking before or during class is prohibited. During our Coffee Drunk Yoga class guests stick to non-alcoholic beverages only. You only get “drunk” on the awesome company of others and the happiness you feel!

Q: Do I HAVE to drink wine at Drunk Yoga? 

A: Nope! We have plenty of water and other non-alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy. Or, come to our non-alcoholic Coffee Drunk Yoga class if that’s more your style.

Q: Can I come by myself or should I come with friends? 

A: Whether you come alone or with friends, you’ll find a community of friends at Drunk Yoga. It’s a very open, communal environment. 

Q: Are there any rules to Drunk Yoga? 

A: Yes! But only to ensure safety and optimal fun.

For all Drunk Yoga classes:

  • Hydrate! Drunk Yoga is best enjoyed by those who are happy and hydrated. Water is provided before, during and after the class and guests are encouraged to drink plenty of it!

  • “Game rules” are introduced during class by your Drunk Yoga teacher. These are designed to help you feel and share good vibes with your classmates.

  • Have fun!

For Original Drunk Yoga with wine:

  • Consume no more than one glass of wine before glass begins. Do not pre-game--less is more in Drunk Yoga!

  • No refills during the yoga portion of the class.

  • Drunk Yoga is not B.Y.O.B. Guests are only allowed to drink the wine provided by the host.

Q: Where can I sign up for a class? 

A: Click here to find a class!  

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