Drunk Yoga FAQ

Q: What exactly is a Drunk Yoga class? 

A: A Drunk Yoga class consists of a brief happy hour, followed by a fun and beginner-friendly 45-minute vinyasa sequence with wine in-hand. 

Q: Where does Drunk Yoga happen? 

A: Right now, DY Classes are held regularly at Grey Lady NYC, Drexler’s, and Solfire. Check our EVENTS PAGE for upcoming special events that are open to the public. 

Q: Can I do Drunk Yoga if I’m not a yogi? 

A: YES! Drunk Yoga is for yogis and non-yogis alike. The only thing you need for Drunk Yoga is an attitude of gratitude and an appreciation that happiness is health. 

Q: How many drinks do I get during Drunk Yoga? Do I get “drunk”? 

A: Guests drink approximately two glasses of wine throughout a Drunk Yoga class. Enough to feel happy-tipsy at the end. We do not let you have enough to get drunk; excessive drinking before or during class is prohibited. 

Q: Do I HAVE to drink wine at Drunk Yoga? 

A: Nope! We have plenty of water and other non-alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy. 

Q: Can I come by myself or should I come with friends? 

A: Whether you come alone or with friends, you’ll find a community of friends at Drunk Yoga. It’s a very open, communal environment. 

Q: Are there any rules to Drunk Yoga? 

A: Yes! But only to ensure safety and optimal fun. Here they are: 

  • Consume no more than one glass of wine before glass begins. Do not pre-game--less is more in Drunk Yoga!

  • No refills during the yoga portion of the class.

  • Drunk Yoga is not B.Y.O.B. Guests are only allowed to drink the wine provided by the host.

  • Hydrate! Drunk Yoga is best enjoyed by those who are happy, healthy and hydrated. Water is provided before, during and after the class and guests are encouraged to indulge in it!

  • Other “game rules” are introduced during class by your Drunk Yoga teacher. These are designed to help you feel and share good vibes with your classmates.

  • Have fun!

Q: Where can I sign up for a class? 

A: Click here to find a class!  

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