You’ve found the most dynamic and uplifting wellness solution for your company. Good work!

Drunk Yoga offers customized, longterm corporate wellness programming for companies of any size. Our mission is to make wellness fun and accessible to your employees. We curate high-quality programs that celebrate community and team-building through our unique fitness and meditation classes and expert wellness talks. We are committed to bringing your company valuable wellness education, mental clarity, and enhanced overall state of sustainable joy through physical health. Cheers to feeling great…together!


Why invest in corporate wellness with Drunk Yoga?

The success of any company depends heavily on the performance of its employees. The ability to function and perform at a consistently high level is dependent upon employee wellness. Enter the case for employee wellness programs.

At Drunk Yoga, our objective is to create and implement a fun, longterm customized wellness solution for your company that not only promises to improve and maintain the health of individuals, but also foster a positive, inclusive sense of community.

We offer uplifting and motivational team-building activities that are designed to be accessible to all levels in a “let your hair down and shake it off” kind of way. (We promise smiles and laughter. Lots of laughter.)

Here are the top 3 reasons to implement a Drunk Yoga wellness program in your company:

1. Reduce stress and improve productivity (…Happy employees, happy work!)

2. Contain your company’s healthcare costs (…We LOVE preventative health, don’t you?)

3. Increase employee engagement and satisfaction (…Teamwork makes the dream work! High sense of company loyalty = willingness to collaborate and #getstuffdone.)



“We knew Drunk Yoga for our corporate team would be fun, but we were thrilled to discover that it far exceeded our expectations for team-building. Traditional yoga is very individual, but Drunk Yoga somehow manages a brilliant combination of bringing employees together through partner and group components without making anyone feel competitive. It was perfect for everyone from the beginners to our yogis, and, in my opinion, so much better than “regular” corporate yoga. People have not stopped talking about what a great time they had. From the organizer side, everything was easy, and I could tell the team really cared about making our event a success — I absolutely recommend it!”

- Julia Dobrinski, Hudson Bay Capital

Sample Offerings…

- Original Drunk Yoga®
-Spirit(s) Yoga™
-Sober Yoga™
-Coffee Yoga™
-Guided Meditation™
-Pinot + Pilates
-#namaslay (Cardio Dance)
-Wellness Talks (Ex: nutrition, work-life balance, stress management)

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