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You may already know that yoga in the workplace has benefits such as reduced stress and aggression, reduced pain, and less absenteeism. From our experience, it is also is fun, and helps employees feel valued as more than just workers, but as people.

We have many corporate offerings available to help you meet your employee wellness and engagement goals through team-building. From our signature yoga with wine class to Coffee Yoga and mindfulness meditation — we’ve got you covered!

Click below for a sample of our offerings is below, and we are always happy to create something custom.

What people are saying:

“Thank you so much for providing us with an AMAZING Drunk Yoga experience, and a HUGE thanks to Gina for being an awesome instructor and taking great photos of us! We had so much fun, so much so that my office manager is considering doing it again this year, however, that will depend on our budget and the scheduling of other events we may have throughout the year. I really love what you ladies are doing. The games were fun and I enjoyed the rules accompanied by their positive “punishments”. The event brought us closer as colleagues. I hope that you continue to do the same for other groups and inspire others to try yoga. Thanks for everything!”

- Julia Dobrinski, Hudson Bay Capital

“We knew Drunk Yoga for our corporate team would be fun, but we were thrilled to discover that it far exceeded our expectations for team- building. Traditional yoga is very individual, but Drunk Yoga somehow manages a brilliant combination of bringing employees together through partner and group components without making anyone feel competitive. It was perfect for everyone from the beginners to our yogis, and, in my opinion, so much better than “regular” corporate yoga. People have not stopped talking about what a great time they had. From the organizer side, everything was easy, and I could tell the team really cared about making our event a success — I absolutely recommend it!”

-Elina Strizhak, Ceros

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