6 Drunk Yogi Tips for Tackling Massive Goals


6 Drunk Yogi Tips for Tackling Massive Goals
by Cindy Palzkill

We’re a few weeks into the new year already, which means most of us have defined our resolutions and the goals we would love to accomplish in 2019. As we all know, setting intentions is a great way to move forward with a positive outlook. Oh, the possibilities we imagined for ourselves as we ritualistically sat down to record our dreams in our journals, favorite candle burning, sipping a steaming cup of tea…hmmm…thinking big, as Oprah so often advises.  

Many of us do think big when setting New Year’s Resolutions. I’m talking starting a business big, or losing 50 pounds, or remodeling a fixer-upper home. These are all perfectly wonderful, healthy, ‘make the world a better place’ things to accomplish. To tackle these mighty goals, however, we need more than positive intentions, we need a plan.

Any of these goals are bound to overwhelm without a plan of action, but all are doable with the right approach. Here’s some tips I’ve gathered from a few experts on success:

  1. Keep showing up: Oprah, whose very name signifies success, says the most important thing to remember  is that it doesn’t happen overnight. When speaking on the subject, she expresses frustration with people who don’t understand that accomplishing something like building a brand in a business cannot be done quickly. It’s something that can only be accomplished with a lot of hard work – making the one move that feels right, then doing it again and again and again. Her advice – go to work, even on the days your work bores you and you don’t want to. Go to work anyway.

  2. Be specific: So, what do Oprah and other successful people do that us dreamers don’t? Well, there are a few things, actually. Heidi Grant Halvorson, author of 9 Things Successful People Do Differently, says that setting specific goals is the right approach. Be as specific as possible. For example, don’t just state “lose 50 pounds,” but instead say “lose 5 pounds in January,” then set another manageable goal for February, and so on. She also says it’s important to define specific actions to accomplish each goal, like “I will go to the gym three times a week.”

  3. Grasp opportunities: Halvorson makes another interesting point about achieving success which many of us apparently miss, that is recognizing opportunity when it presents itself. It seems we humans have a tendency to miss such things, especially when we are juggling busy schedules. This can apply to finding time to return a phone call, or working out or setting aside time to work on a home improvement project. She says the best way to “seize the moment” is to, well, schedule more. That is, decide in advance when you will take action. Again, be as specific as possible, for example you might set the intention of “on Monday and Wednesday evenings I will work on woodwork refinishing from 6:30 to 8:30.”

  4. Be a lifelong learner: One more important point that Halvorson makes is to focus on “getting better, rather than being good.” She explains that as important as it is to believe in our abilities, it’s also important to believe we can “get the ability,” that is, we can learn. It seems research has shown that “abilities of all kinds are profoundly malleable.” Knowing this can not only be a great help in keeping day-to-day difficulties in perspective and enjoying the journey, but can also help us reach our furthest potential.

  5. Remember your health: Of course, this wouldn’t be a Drunk Yogi blog without speaking to the importance of health. Health is especially important when working hard to accomplish long term goals, which takes physical, mental and especially (in our opinion) spiritual endurance to keep showing up every day. If your goal is to lose weight, especially a lot of weight, it goes without saying healthy habits must be created. To help you get specific about healthy goals, CNN has a short, interactive quiz, aptly titled, Live Longer, How Could You Improve Your Lifespan? It’s a great way to pinpoint ‘not so healthy’ habits that could use some attention. Indeed, there are many resources for developing healthy habits that apply to work, weight loss and even creative projects. Choosing one or two old habits that feel to you like they need to change can be very doable and will work wonders for clearing the path to your best life.

  6. Look for inspiration: Last but not least, what we all need more of as we pursue our dreams is inspiration. To think of a person who inspires us, or just an inspiring quote, can sometimes help heal the most challenging of days. Once again, Oprah is an endless source of inspiration for many of us, especially in the New Year. Here’s a favorite – hope it helps steer your intention toward the action that’s right for you!

In yourself lies the whole world

And if you know

How to look and learn, then the door is there and

The key is in your hand.

Nobody on Earth can give you either that key

Or that door to open except yourself.

                                       --Krishna Murti.