Drunk On Love: Your Valentine's Astrology Forecast


Drunk On Love: Your Valentine’s Astrology Forecast

by Virginia Mason

“You complete me.”

“Love requires compromise.”

“We all sacrifice things for those we love.”

You may have heard these phrases before, but this Valentine’s Day, the universe wants you to know that they aren't true! And it wants you to ask yourself, How have I sacrificed myself for love?

On February 14, Uranus and Mars conjunct in Aries. This gives you the courage to embrace your independence and express your needs. It's time to reclaim the parts of yourself that you’ve cast aside to please other people - be it your partner, your family, your friends, your boss, or society. And while you’re reclaiming these part of yourself, so is everyone else. We’re all riding this great energetic wave together, and together, we can stand up for what is truly best for us.

Mars rules our actions. What happens this Valentine’s Day is not just some internal, emotional shift. It’s a decisive choice, a conversation, or some sort of action that’s taken. And since sex is one of the many actions Mars rules, this could likely affect your sex life. What are your sexual needs? Are they being satisfied? What do you truly want? Speak up and trust that the right partner will happily respect your boundaries and help you fulfill your sexual desires.

The reality is that whether you’re in love or you want to be in love, it’s easy to lose yourself in love. To lose yourself in the excitement of falling in love, the feeling of being in love, and especially, the desire to be loved. When you’re in a relationship or simply dating, it’s easy to hide parts of yourself because you’re afraid that they aren’t what the other person wants. Maybe these are parts of yourself that other people in your life have shamed you for in the past. Parts that you’ve learned to hide so well that you even struggle to find them, but now is the time to unearth them, to share them openly.

Love asks you to be vulnerable. It asks you to show up completely. You are here to be yourself. That is all the universe wants of you, so please, show up. Don’t sit across the dinner table hoping and praying that the other person will like you enough to want to see you again. Sit there as the complete expression of your wild, authentic self. Trust that you are lovable and you are enough, and if the other person is the right fit, the relationship will continue. If not, trust that you are better off because you are worth more than someone who doesn’t unconditionally love you for all that you are.

And if you’re in a relationship with someone who in some way asks you hide parts of yourself, then expect to break free this Valentine’s Day. Maybe this means a break up or maybe it means showing up as who you are despite their efforts to reign you in. Maybe when you do this, you'll learn that there’s something between you that you're meant to work through together, which can only happen once you fully reveal yourself.

And remember that while you’re revealing yourself, everyone else is living through the same energy and being propelled by the universe in similar ways. We are all being encouraged to show up today, and if you’re in a relationship, this could definitely lead to some friction and tension as you navigate your equally strong stances. But now is not the time to cave and prioritize the other person’s needs. And it’s not the time for them to do that for you either. It’s the time to accept each other for who you are. All of it. And drop any pretenses of trying to fix or change each other.

Real love requires this freedom. It asks that you both feel free enough to fully be yourselves. Real love is not a union between two incomplete halves who suddenly experience wholeness when they come together. Real love is about two completely whole, wild beings who decide to love each other for their wildness, even as it changes. And it’s always changing.

While Mars and Uranus are inspiring you to fully be yourself, Venus is in Capricorn. This means that loyalty and tradition are particularly important in our relationships right now, but it also means that we need relationships that serve us as individuals and help us get where we want to be in the long term. Ask yourself, what do you want in the long run? Know that we’re all living different lives and what works for you isn’t necessarily what works for someone else. Let go of any ideas you have about what a relationship is supposed to be and listen to what you want a relationship to be, and trust that you can have it. You can have it if you’re honest with yourself and if you act according to what you want. Show yourself the same unconditional love that you desire from any partner.

This Valentine’s Day is ultimately about you and your wants and needs, but it’s also connected to a major healing of your spirituality. We have all been healing this area of our lives for the last nine years as Chiron has moved through Pisces, and on February 14, we approach this rare transit's final lesson. We. Are. All. Connected. You and your ultimate partner are already unified because we all are. That’s just the way it goes. And you are simply an expression of this interconnected, universal whole, and the best way for you to honor that is to express yourself. Express your needs, your wants, and BE YOU. On Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year.

Virginia is a New York based spiritual guide dedicated to helping people remember their magical powers. Sign up for her Monthly Magic Guide for monthly astro forecasts, moon rituals, and more! She also offers private readings and mentorship through her company, Fleeting Connections. Follow her on Instagram.