5 Awesome Ideas for Corporate Outings in NYC

How to Choose a Corporate Outing for Team-Building Activities in NYC


Choosing a team-building event for your corporate outing in NYC can be a pressure-filled task. What if some people just want a themed happy hour? And others want to go on a trip? Or a fitness class? Or see a show? How can you make sure you pick something that everyone will love? We get it! Mostly because we often hear from clients, “We’re so happy we found Drunk Yoga®! All of the women in the office wanted to do yoga, and all of the men wanted to go to a bar...so this is perfect!”

So, naturally, we listed ourselves at the top of the following list...

Here’s 5 team outing ideas that’ll be fun for the whole staff. (You’re welcome.)

  1. Drunk Yoga 

    I know, I know. We’re biased. But Drunk Yoga is great for corporate outings and corporate team-building because unlike most corporate yoga classes in NYC, it’s designed to be inclusive and interactive. We’re a yoga experience made for beginners, that’s actually not so much about the yoga as it is about the customization, community-enhancing games, and partner exercises! And obviously, there’s wine.

  2. Go to a museum

    Pick a special exhibit--something contemporary and cool, and make plans to meet in the cafe or bar across the street so the team can have a chance to talk about what they enjoyed! (This is more fun than it sounds, especially when you take a fun private tour!

  3. Rock climbing

    Great for all levels. It’s a fun thing to do as a team. Somewhat athletic so that your staff can cheer each other on, but not so competitive that there’s “winners” and “losers.” 

  4. Roller disco

    Low pressure because, I mean, who’s actually good at roller skating? Nobody, really. Your team can bond over feeling like kids again! Go to one of the many roller rinks in Brooklyn and enjoy one of their themed nights! For those who don’t want to roller skate, they can simply enjoy the outdoors. 

  5. Picnic in the Park

Cost effective! Bring frisbees, blankets, a deck of cards, board games, and snacks! Nothing brings people together like nature and snacks, am I right? Bonus: the team can bring their families. 

Whatever you choose to do for your next company bonding experience, we truly hope you have a blast. Because “fun” for the sake of it is at the top of our list of core values; happiness is health, after all. Cheers!