5 Ways to Treat an Accidental Hangover

5 Ways to Treat an Accidental Hangover
by Eli Walker

Oops…that feeling…ugh. You wake up in the morning with a dry mouth and slight headache, wanting to kick yourself for that last glass of wine (was it glass #3 or more? did I forget to eat? double ugh). Knowing you have a full day ahead, you just want to hit the ground running, but that fog of heaviness has seeped through every pore in your body and settled in your head and digestive tract for the day. It’s slowing you down. What to do? Fortunately, there are a few remedies that do not involve “hair of the dog.”

Here’s some tips:

  1. First, and this is important, forgive yourself. That’s right, the fact that you’re mad at yourself for this unplanned road block in your day says that hangovers are not part of your life plan. Spending the day giving in to that proverbial kick by verbally abusing yourself in your mind is just going to make things harder. It was a momentary lack of judgment, that’s all. You made a mistake that caught up to you, but you are not a mistake. You are human – perfect in our imperfection, I like to say.

  2. Hydrate. Lemon water is best for hydrating in my experience, because it’s easy on and soothing to the stomach. It helps with digestion, too. Coconut water is also great for re-hydrating quickly. What’s more, today would be a great day to try out that hydrating electrolyte powder you keep forgetting to use after you exercise. Personally, I like Shaklee Performance Hydrate Electrolyte Powder. It’s low sugar and is made from coconut water powder

  3. Eat easy to digest, highly nutritious food. Even though you might be craving a greasy burger and fries, your body will forgive you faster if you opt for healthier foods. In an article written for Cosmopolitan magazine by Catrionna Harvey-Jenner (September 2017), a number of nutritionists suggest avocado as the food of choice to ease hangover symptoms. Weight Watchers nutritionist Steph Williams explains that scrambled eggs and avocado toast “works a dream” when she’s hungover and “sets me up to make better food choices for the rest of the day.” In a similar article for Elle magazine by Kristina Rodulfo (December 2015), chef Amanda Cohen (Dirt Candy) swears by an avocado and egg sandwich to satisfy her craving for something “salty, savory, and comforting” on hangover days.  

  4. If you’re suffering from the kind of hangover that makes the thought of healthy food out of the question, try munching on some blueberries to start (just my personal experience). A simple protein shake would be great on a day like this, as well, and might be easier to consume than actual food that needs chewing.

  5. Of course, the best part of a hangover day is going to bed early that night. Getting enough sleep is vital to recovery and a sweet release to the self-inflicted challenges of getting through a busy day hungover.

But, by the end of the day, hopefully your hangover has subsided, you’re re-hydrated and have a happier head and stomach. So forgive, enjoy the good sleep and better luck the next time you’re faced with that having one last drink decision…