Corporate Wellness for Workplace Joy

Corporate Wellness for Workplace Joy
by Eli Walker

I feel lucky.

Nearly every week, I get to leave my happy Drunk Yoga bubble and head to corporate America. I don’t feel lucky because I get to go into shiny office spaces, get an ID badge, or anything like that. I feel lucky, because I’m helping a group of chronically stressed out people find balance in their lives through movement, and letting go for a part of their work day.

As many of us hard-working adults know, in order to succeed professionally, we must strive for health at all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual). This is not new news (but it is mentally exhausting news!). A Huffpost article from March 2013 entitled, “Career Success Means Work-Life Balance,” explains just how important this topic is to today’s young professionals. The article states that many men and women no longer rank money as the “key determiner” of a successful career, but value work-life balance much more.  

And that sounds great, of course, but in real life, it’s not always so practical or easy to balance the two. Fortunately, more and more businesses of all sizes are recognizing the importance of not just a positive work environment, but a culture in the work place that encourages employees to engage in activities that allow them to thrive. When you’re supposed to have it all and be it all, we sometimes need permission from our employers to take the time to restore. The article above offers many examples of companies that have recognized and are creating corporate events for their employees that emphasize health and wellness as a way of nurturing productivity--and we salute them!

Imagine, you’re sitting at your desk, staring at the umpteeth spreadsheet, and your boss pops by with a glass of wine. Our Operations Manager actually watched the head of HR in her old company do this once--and the response was amazing. Instant smiles, laughter, and relaxation, exactly the kind of feelings most employers want to foster, and the way most employees want to feel. Imagine if she had also brought a yoga mat, something synonymous with relaxation? The combination of these two things, and encouraging work-life balance says to staff: “We know you work hard. We see you. You deserve this moment of relaxation because we value you.”

This is why I feel lucky to teach Drunk Yoga in the corporate sphere-- to see people relax, recharge and  feel this moment of appreciation from their employer.

In addition to being a complete morale booster for all the reasons listed above, people who exercise together tend to encourage each other more than those who don’t. That means that the benefits of a Drunk Yoga class don’t stop when the mats get rolled up -- they continue because they help to build community and team cohesiveness.

In short, Drunk Yoga provides the fun and relaxation of a happy hour, the exercise component that encourages team building, corporate wellness, and the ability to make staff feel valued and appreciated. What better way to combine health, camaraderie, and fun for a group of people who are all working toward the same goal. An end of day corporate yoga experience that brings a workplace community together for the simple purpose of being present and joyful, and I can’t think of a better reason to make Drunk Yoga™ part of your workplace culture.