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about the class

Can't decide between after-work drinks and the gym? 

Well, now you don't have to! A Drunk Yoga class consists of a brief happy hour, followed by a fun and beginner-friendly 45-minute vinyasa sequence with wine in-hand. The experience is laughter-filled and uplifting, meant to bring together community in a judgment-free compassion-filled atmosphere with the understanding that happiness is health. 


1. You are a person. 

2. You like wine. 

3. Happiness is an emotion that you enjoy.


(...A few safety rules to ensure you get the most out of your experience:)

1. Consume no more than one glass of wine before class begins. Excessive drinking is not tolerated. 

2. No refills during the yoga portion of the class. 

3. Consuming alcohol is not required to attend Drunk Yoga. (Non-alcoholic beverages are provided.)

4. Drunk Yoga is NOT B.Y.OB. Guests are only allowed to drink the wine provided by the host.

5. Hydrate! Drunk Yoga is best enjoyed by those who are happy, healthy, and hydrated. Water is provided before, during and after the class, and guests are encouraged to indulge in it.

Oh...and have fun! 

Drunk Yoga class Rules: 

1. No spilling. 

2.  ...And when you do spill your wine and you need to refill your glass, you must pour your glass while doing a yoga pose. (Tree pose is the Drunk Yoga favorite.)

3. If you spill wine on your neighbor's mat, you must give them a compliment. 

4.  If you spill on your own mat, you must give yourself  a compliment. 

5. If you lose your balance, take a sip.

6. If you take a sip without being instructed to do so during class, you must give the teacher a compliment.

7. If you mix up your "left" and your "right" appendages, you must tell the class something you're grateful for.

8. No saying the word, "YAAAAS" in Drunk Yoga class. (We're just...over it.) 

9. Leave the classroom happier than when you entered.  

10. The Drunk Yoga teacher reserves the right to make up new rules whenever the "spirit(s)" moves her/him. 

a note from the founder


As a yoga teacher, non-yogis have often told me, "I should do yoga, but I'm afraid I'll look silly," or, "I'd like to do yoga, but I'm not flexible enough." In response to this paralyzing perfectionist syndrome running rampant in our culture, I've been working to create ways to make yoga accessible to everyone--to give people who would like to try yoga, but who would otherwise be too intimidated to go to a class at a yoga studio, the opportunity to let go of their inhibitions and give it a shot, sans the fear factor of having to achieve perfection.  

I thought of the idea for Drunk Yoga one night while I was out at a bar where I used to work in Lower Manhattan called Grey Lady. I was catching up with one of the owners, and I told him that I’m a yoga teacher now. He said, “I need yoga, I can’t touch my toes.” Then, he immediately proceeded to touch his toes. “Oh,” he said, surprised. “I guess I can touch my toes when I’m drunk.” (Cue lightbulb moment.) With excitement, I blurted, “Let’s do Drunk Yoga! I’ll teach a class in the bar’s back room for beginners. It’ll be fun.” He loved the idea and responded, “Sure! What should we call it? ‘Tipsy Yoga’?” I said, definitively, as if the Gods above had just granted me permission from the Drunk Yoga heavens, “No. I’ll call it ‘Drunk Yoga.’”

I knew this idea would be wildly successful. I saw a need for a yoga class that breaks away from convention; a class where friends, families, colleagues, and couples can come together to relax, unwind, and enjoy a happy-hour-like atmosphere, all while experiencing the joy of moving their bodies in time and space in ways they may have never tried before. With Drunk Yoga, I've taken the pressure out of the practice, and turned yoga into a party--a celebration of sorts. Indeed, as an entrepreneur and yoga professional, I have always felt like I have a lot to offer a population of people who don't feel welcome in the mainstream yoga community, but still have a desire to cultivate their own personal joy. So, when I created Drunk Yoga, I thought, "Yep. This is it."